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ManoJob.com Melanie Mallone

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Melanie MalloneMelanie Mallone
Melanie Mallone @ ManoJob.com
My name is Melanie Mallone and today I’m here to give you a handjob. I love stroking big fat dick. I love stroking all dicks. I don’t care how big or small they are. I’ll jack a dick off just about anywhere, too. Shit, I’ve even jacked off total strangers in public places!!! The video you see today is almost the same thing. I jack off this dude I knew for all of about 4 minutes. I gotta tell you, my pussy was soooooooooo wet when I showed up to be a naughty girl I can’t even tell you. My panties were drenched. I was so turned on I even played with myself in the car on the way over. I do that a lot. I’ll hikle up my short skirt and just rub my hard clit right through my sheer panties. A lot of times I don’t even wear them! Hee hee. So I got nude on this video, and I jacked this dude and talked really realy dirty about being a stripper. I even told some stripper stories about the Champagne Room! LOL. You should check it out…it’s hot!
Melanie MalloneMelanie Mallone

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