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Jenny Hendrix is a dick sucker.

Posted in Jenny Hendrix,The Dick Suckers by Apollo9

Ryan Hunter
Jenny Hendrix sucks 9 inches of man meat @ TheDickSuckers.com

The Dick Suckers scored a super hot scene recently with one of their weekly additions featuring none other than Miss Jenny Hendrix. Jenny’s one of the biggest names in adult entertainment right now, and it was a great score for one of the best BJ sites on the net! The thing I like best about this site it the no-bullshit take — there’s no corny dudes making dumb jokes to distract you, nor are there any trumped up, fake scenarios. These whores talk directly to you, drop to their knees, and suck a dick. Some take facials, some swallow. Some are amateurs, some are first-timers, and some are pornstars. One thing’s for sure — you won’t ever grow bored being a member of The Dick Suckers.

Ryan Hunter won’t do this again. Really, she won’t.

Posted in Ryan Hunter,The Dick Suckers by Apollo9

Ryan Hunter
Ryan Hunter will never do this again, but watch her take a huge cum load only @ TheDickSuckers.com

Ryan Hunter used to be a hardcore model, but she isn’t anymore. That’s cause she has a boyfriend, and I can respect that. Would you let your girl take a massive pop shot to the face? I don’t think I would. One of the best things about Ryan is her girl-next-door look. She doesn’t look like the kind of girl who would let a total stranger blow a wad of jizz all over her, even though that’s what she does at The Dick Suckers. I mean it’s a huge wad, and if you’re a facial fan, it doesn’t get any better than this. Check out the free clips and then join the site! You won’t be sorry!!

Jayma Reed is Kymber Troy

Posted in by Apollo9

Jayma Reed
Jayma Reed sucks a lollipop, then takes a huge cum load right to the kisser only @ TheDickSuckers.com

I love Jayma Reed. She’s one of my very favorite porn girls of all time. She isn’t around much, which means you’ll have to do some serious Google’n in order to find her. When you’re working that Google machine, try the name Kymber Troy, too.

Jayma is one of the many girls who travel into LA to work. One time she showed up and decided to call herself Kymber Troy. If you’re a fan of Nip n’ Tuck, you’ll know why she chose that name (she loves that show).

If you want to see one of the biggest facials ever captured on film, check out her scene at The Dick Suckers. We hired Faceblaster to hose her down, and trust me when I tell you he lived up to his name.

Rachel Milan sucks a dick in a dirty alley. For real.

Posted in Rachel Milan,The Dick Suckers by Apollo9

Rachel Milan
Rachel Milan sucks a dick in a dirty alley only @ TheDickSuckers.com

Sex in public. Sex acts in public places. Dick sucking in public.

It’s always a big risk shooting dirty movies in public places, but we were feeling lucky that day, and the members have asked for such a thing, and the two guys who run The Dick Suckers always listen to their members and try to make them happy.

“Are you down to suck a dick in a public place?” I asked Rachel Milan.

She said, “Ohh that sounds dirty!” That meant she was down. We found a spot that was fairly secluded, and we kept clothes kinda on just in case anyone came upon us.

It got close once or twice, but in the end we pulled it off. A great scene shot in a dirty fucking alley. You’re gonna love this shit! Rachel Milan took a huge facial, too! How much crazier can it get?

Presley Maddox, a Sybian, and a Blinding Cum Shot!

Posted in Presley Maddox,The Dick Suckers by Apollo9

Presley Maddox
Presley Maddox @ TheDickSuckers.com

I don’t know if you know this, but, for a while, Presley Maddox kinda disappeared from the porno game. This is a common thing. The girls come and go, and, honestly, can you blame them? In Presley’s case, she needed a break, and she found a dude, and all is well in her life. But from time to time she pops back in to the game to make a couple extra bucks.

When I heard this, I booked her right away. I like it when the girls make themselves scarce. It makes my content…well…better. For lack of a better term. My content is good, cause I work hard to make it good, but when the girls are harder to find, that makes things better. Right?

Get this — Presley is a big cummer. Huge. Sit that girl on a Sybian and watch her go nuts. That’s exactly what goes down in this scene. After she howls in orgasmic pleasure, she sucks dick. Then, without her knowledge, we’d amp up the sybian while she was sucking dick. Things certainly got interesting.

The best part of the scene? The Money Shot! We amp up the sybian one last time, and she cums, and that makes our stunt cock cum, and he just BLASTED her. So good, Presley’s eyes were glued shut.

“I’ve been Stevie Wondered!” she said.

We laughed. And then we amped it up again, and she screamed in pleasure…again.

Don’t miss this scene.

Lexi Belle visits Manojob.com one more time.

Posted in Lexi Belle,Manojob,Nollie by Apollo9

Lexi Belle
Lexi Belle returns @ Manojob.com

I’d like to talk about Lexi Belle for a minute. Once upon a time she was Nollie. Here’s something you might not know: Paul The Skater Boy — a total creep — recruited “Nollie” and Tia Tanaka off mySpace. Somehow they ended up at Chico Wang’s. Chico used to direct for Anabolic. Later, Delilah Strong helped Nollie change her name to Lexi Belle. Delilah, and her (then) agent Redd Rose, Just Dave and Allan The Photographer Guy sat around a table thinking up porno names, and they gave “Nollie” her new name: Lexi Belle. But it was Delilah Strong who came up with Lexi Belle.

God damn I love Lexi. She’s so fucking hot. Seriously, she’s one of my very favorite Porn Stars. When you become a member at Manojob.com, you’ll get another Lexi Belle scene, too. Here’s some free Lexi Belle porn from the scene I just mentioned.

So what are you waiting for?

The Dick Suckers and Kacey Jordan : Her First Scene EVER

Posted in by Apollo9

Kacey Jordan
Kacey Jordan shoots her first scene EVER @ The Dick Suckers.com

I called Ben English. He owns one of LA’s biggest porno agencies — LA Direct. I needed a dick sucker, but not just any dick sucker. I wanted a fresh face. The members demanded it. He said, “how about a barely-legal? This girl just arrived from Oregon, and she’s ready to go!” Sure enough, Ben was right, and I got Kacey Jordan’s very first scene ever shot! She’s such a cutie! I love little a-cuppers, and barely-legals, and when they’re nymphos it’s even better. Kacey is so horny all the time. She loves older men, too. How do I know all this? She told me! She loves vibrators, too, so when I laid the hitachi magic wand on her, she went nuts. She worked her clit through the whole scene, cumming and cumming and cumming until our stunt cock unloaded one on her, too. It was a great scene! Make sure you check it out!

The Dick Suckers.com Nicole Ray barely-legal blow job movies!

Posted in by Apollo9

Nicole Ray barely-legal blowjob movies @ The Dick Suckers.com

I shot Nicole Ray for The Dick Suckers a while back. A cool chick. She’s had some issues in her past, though, so when I booked the male talent for her, I had to make sure he had a cut dick and wasn’t too old. Go figure! The funny thing is I couldn’t get guy with a cut dick, and I explained that to her before the shoot went down. She was cool with it, thank goodness, cause this barely-legal is about as hot as they come. She’s from Kentucky, I think, and she’s been in the biz a few months. The dude I shot her with loved Nicole, too. Just take a look at her face after he was all said and done with her!

ManoJob.com Madison Teaches The Tug

Madison Teaches The TugMadison Teaches The Tug
Madison Teaches The Tug @ ManoJob.com
Hello Boys. My name is Madison Young, and I’m 26 years old. I’m a natural red head, and yea, the carpet matches the shades. On my right is my friend Allie King. She’s a barely-legal with a problem. Believe it or not, she doesn’t know how to give a handjob, and her boyfriend is now pressing the issue. He wants one — bad. She needs a lesson — bad. The result? Allie comes to me for her lesson, and that’s exactly what I give her. Using a stunt cock, I show her how to take it from small and limp to big and hard. I show her different techniques, and I correct her when she isn’t doing the job. The finale? Well, I jerk my lunch right into Little Allie King’s open palm, and then I lap it up like a greedy cum pig. Oh, and I make Allie taste her reward as well. She loved it. And you’ll love this scene.
Madison Teaches The TugMadison Teaches The Tug

Visit ManoJob.com | Madison Teaches The Tug

ManoJob.com Erika Vution’s Hand

Posted in Erika Vution,Manojob by admin

Erika’s Hand @ ManoJob.com
Hello. My name is Erika Vution, and today I’m your massage therapist. Would you please lay face down on my table and let my hands work any tension from your body? There. That’s it. Now, would you please flip over and place my hand on where you need the most relief. Wow! Um, OK. As long as you don’t tell my boss, I think I can work that tension out. First let me squirt some oil all over that stress area and use my hands to rub it all in. There ya go! Well, he sure did wake up in a flash! Hee hee. Is it getting warm in here, or is it just me? I thought so…I hope you don’t mind if I make myself more comfortable. I thought so. Gimme a few seconds to take all these clothes off. Um, yes, I know they’re large…D’s, to be exact. Yes, they’re all natural. Yes, I can use them to relieve your stress as well. First, feel them. See? All natural. Now let me wrap them around your Johnson. Sure, you can squirt some oil in there. Wait…let me. You’re here to relax. Let me do all the work. And yes, I’ll work for that load, and yes, you can drench my big naturals with your jizz! That’s what I’m here for!!!

Visit ManoJob.com | Erika’s Hand

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