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Dick Sucker Number 65 – Red Head Kayla

Posted in by billywatson


Amatuer dick sucker Kayla is the latest member’s treat on The Dick Suckers. It’s kinda funny when you get these porno girls on set. Sometimes they’re all uptight and really don’t want to be there. Sometimes they’re clock watchers. Sometimes they love what they do and do the best they can. Sometimes they go beyond the call of duty.

Kayla went beyond the call of duty.

Our stunt cock Nick Steel dropped about a gallon of man goo onto her face. I mean he really turned on the firehose. So much jizz flew into her face that she couldn’t catch it all. A large pool of DNA formed on the floor, right at her knees — the knees she was on to suck the cock.

When I say it was a large pool of cum, I mean it.

Kayla looked down, then looked at the camera, then back at the jizz, and without any direction whatsoever, she slurped the rest off the floor.

See what I’m talking about?


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