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ManoJob.com Natasha. Nicer!

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Natasha. Nicer!Natasha. Nicer!
Natasha. Nicer! @ ManoJob.com
Heya Boys! I’m Natasha, and I’m back! Remember the first time I visited the Manojob studios? I jerked a HUGE black dick and using only my hands (and my dirty talk) I made it explode all over my cute face. Well, this time, I do the same. Kinda…I get nude (again). I show off my huge natural tits (again). Then I show off my huge clit! (Again!) Remember how big that clit is? The size of a number 2 pencil eraser!! And when I rub it, I lose my mind. After that, I make a boy lose his mind with my hands. My hands on his dick! Remember?! And this time I make the wad blow all over my huge titties! Enjoy!!!
Natasha. Nicer!Natasha. Nicer!

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ManoJob.com Holly Wellin

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Holly Wellin
Holly Wellin @ ManoJob.com
Hello everyone. I am Holly. I came here to do one thing today and that’s to wank a cock off. First I show off my body a little bit and play with my pussy before I wrap my hands around a cock to give some luck guy a wank session. I know what most guys like. Dirty talk, lots of spit and an open mouth to catch all the cum. I give this stud all that and more. You might be able to hear a little something in the background. It’s a church out front of the studio. They are protesting what we do here. They think being "naughty" is a sin and want to make it so we can’t have fun. This just made me feel more naughty and made me enjoy it even more. I think it will do the same thing for you too!

Visit ManoJob.com | Holly Wellin

ManoJob.com Sakura

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Sakura @ ManoJob.com
Hi guys. I’m Sakura… Sakura Scott. I’m 20 and I’m from Cali. I got my nails done just for today. I am here to give a handjob, so I want my hands to look the best that they can. But before I get you off, I need to get myself off too. So I am going to play with my pussy for a bit before I tug on your dick. I hope you guys like my all natural, very soft breasts. I know that I would love for you to play with them. And I know you want to play with them as well. I want your cock in my hand right now. So I can stroke it until you cum all over me. And you know I will be able to make you cum.

Visit ManoJob.com | Sakura

ManoJob.com Madison Scott

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Madison Scott
Madison Scott @ ManoJob.com
Hey guys, and maybe even some gals. I’m Madison. I’m 18 years old and I’m from Arizona. I was on my high schools cheer squad last year, and we were all little sluts! My favorite thing in the world is pleasing a guy. Getting him off in any way I can. I am probably the best and giving handjobs and getting fucked. Today I got to give a really cute guy a handjob. His dick fit perfectly in my hand too. And by the end of a good jerking session I got him to blow a huge load all over my face. I hope it didn’t mess up my make-up! I hope you guys like me in this one! ~Madison

Visit ManoJob.com | Madison Scott

ManoJob.com Lexi Lynn

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Lexi LynnLexi Lynn
Lexi Lynn @ ManoJob.com
My name is Lexi Lynn. I am not a very good writer, but I’ll do the best I can. I am barely legal. Four months ago I was 17. Now I am 18. Wanna hear something funny? This is the very first time I have ever given a handjob. You can think I’m full of it, but I’m not. I swear. I just started giving BJ’s and fucking when I got into sex, and I kinda skipped over handjobs. I really don’t like them cause they take work. When I put my wet mouth or my tight teen pussy around a dick, I can make it go spewy almost right away. I can do almost nothing and make a guy cum…sometimes in seconds. So when I got hired for Manojob, I was kinda pissed cause I knew my arm would get tired and who knows how long I’d have to stroke the guy before he shot. They told me when they gave me the job the guy couldn’t jerk himself, and I could "cheat" by using my mouth or cunt. Oh well. I did a good job, and my arm did get tired, but it was worth it cause this dude blew the biggest load I’ve ever seen. He covered my face in splooge. For reals.
Lexi LynnLexi Lynn

Visit ManoJob.com | Lexi Lynn

ManoJob.com Alanna

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Alanna @ ManoJob.com
Heya Boys — I’m Alanna, and today I’m going to give you a massage! I hope you like your massage with a happy ending, cause that’s what you’re going to get today…and you don’t even have to pay extra for it! That’s cause I love working the man-milk out of a set of balls using just my hands. It’s like work, isn’t it? I love that! It’s so easy just to spread my legs, or use my mouth, in order to pleasure you. But to use my hands? That takes some serious effort! Especially since you’ve had lots of experience! Well, guess what? I can do it no problem! I’m a happy ending specialist! I’ll just grab some baby oil, and have you strip, and put you on my table, and let the magic begin! ; – ) XOXO

Visit ManoJob.com | Alanna

ManoJob.com Veronica, Again!

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Veronica, Again!Veronica, Again!
Veronica, Again! @ ManoJob.com
What else is there to say? Veronica Jett, in the house, one more time! You saw me here a few weeks ago jerk a dude, and today I do the same! Dude…I LOVE to jerk. It’s so simple, yet so erotic. Today I pull a dong that’s the size of a freight train. It’s a donkey dick. A horse cock. Uncut. I make it explode all over my perky tits. What a load, too. So turn out the lights, pull down your pants, and make sure your girlfriend (or wife) is asleep…or away. Cause we’re about to spend about 15 minutes of quality time together. I love that fact that you’re gonna watch me get a guy off using just my hands. I’ll work that load out, and I’ll do it to you, too. XOXO – Veronica Jett ; – )
Veronica, Again!Veronica, Again!

Visit ManoJob.com | Veronica, Again!

ManoJob.com Leighlani Red

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Leighlani Red
Leighlani Red @ ManoJob.com
My name is Leighlani Red. I am a hand job slut. I am a total slut, by the way…but handies are my favorite! I love being watched, too…whether I’m jerking a dick, or sucking it, or fucking it! I’m an exhibitionist! I love the camera!! There’s nothing more exciting to me than strangers watching me get filthy. I’m a filthy slut. And I love it! So watch me today stroke off a cock. It’s a stranger’s cock, too. I didn’t know this guy for 5 minutes before I was playing with my tight pink hole and stroking him off. Oh, by the way, this guy’s a shooter! He BLASTED me. All over my pretty face, and my beautiful tits…all over my hot bod! ; – )

Visit ManoJob.com | Leighlani Red

ManoJob.com Frankie Vargas

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Frankie VargasFrankie Vargas
Frankie Vargas @ ManoJob.com
Hi guys, I’m Frankie and I just love younger men. I love being able to mold young guys into my sex slaves… breaking them in so to speak. And when I got the opportunity to show off all the experience I have stroking a big dick, I had to jump at the chance. Now I have given a lot of handjobs in my day, at the bar, in the bathroom, in the car etc etc BUT this is the first time I’ve done this in front of a camera. I wasn’t nervous at all, especially when I saw the young stud I would be jerking. He’s just the type of guy I would drag into the bathroom of a bar and break-in. And wait until you see what he does to my face, it’s unbelievable. His load went everywhere. It was so powerful it even flew over my head and landed 3 feet behind me. Something only a younger man could do!!
Frankie VargasFrankie Vargas

Visit ManoJob.com | Frankie Vargas

ManoJob.com Gia Paloma

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Gia Paloma
Gia Paloma @ ManoJob.com
I see you looking. I see you looking at my ass…and my legs…my feet in these tight, black patent-leather shoes. Maybe you’re looking at my huge tits. The ones I’m smothering right now. Or is it these hands? It’s not about fucking you…definitely not. But I do want to play with you. I want to see how dirty you can get. How dirty we can get together. How far do I have to go to make you blow your big load all over my tits? What do I gotta do? What kind of dirty fantasies do I have to talk about? How much are you going to make me use my mind…rather than my mouth? Cause that’s the way most guys want it from a girl. But you’re different. You like to get so dirty, it’s almost clean. And it’s almost childish…juvenile…what we used to do in the movies when we were young. Handjobs. Manojobs…no one does that shit anymore. But I love it. Really, I do. So watch my light up a cigarette, talk filthy to you, and milk that cock of yours.

Visit ManoJob.com | Gia Paloma

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