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ManoJob.com Honey Dujour

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Honey Dujour
Honey Dujour @ ManoJob.com
Oh my god you guys! I can’t believe I did this! It’s so crazy I giggle the whole way through! By the way, my name is Honey, and I’m barely-legal. I still have my braces. I cannot even believe what I did. I jerk a total stranger off or this website – ManoJob.com. Totally insane. I think cause his dick was so big. Seriously, it was like 10 or 11 inches long. And black. What a crazy thing to do! Know what was the craziest? When I made him squirt all over the place. Ewww! Why all over my face? Why do all pornos end this way? All I know I turned into a cum faced slut, that’s for sure. Now I just hope and pray my old friends never see this, or I’m so getting teased. MWAH! Honey

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