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ManoJob.com Dylon Lake

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Dylon Lake
Dylon Lake @ ManoJob.com
I’m no pornstar…and I’ve never really even posed for that many pictures! But here I am, stroking a dick for Manojob.com! HAHAHA. Hi! I’m Dylon Lake and somehow, someone talked me into trying out this whole porno gig. LOL. It’s actually pretty fun! I dunno if giving a handie is really "porno", but I guess maybe it is. Anyway, I love giving handjobs. There’s something about stroking off a nice, big, hard dick that makes my pussy tingle. I showed up for the job and the guy was actually decent! And he had a big fattie. I tug it and pull it and make it go boom right in my mouth. Then guess what I do? Well, most of it got in my mouth, but it was such a humongo load that some of it flew all over my face. Shit, some of it flew all over the sofa behind me! HAHAHAHA. Anyways, I ate every drop that went in my mouth, cause I roll like that.

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